In the digital era, the production of quality cultural heritage data is only made sustainable and viable under an overall data management plan and strategy. The organization of information for the present and the future is not only an important responsibility of researchers and professionals but increasingly an institutional and academic necessity. Increasingly, funding is tied to the articulation of data management plans requiring a complete projection of the data life cycle of a project’s work. Moreover, the creation and maintenance of data according to international standards not only offer to the academic community as a whole but enables researchers to benefit from data integration today in order to link to major reference datasets in order to expand their resources for carrying out their analysis and research.

Data management is much more than setting up one-off databases and spreadsheets but involves an important projection understanding how data will be used, where it will be stored (now and in the future), and how it will be made accessible. has expertise in all areas of data management and in particular in managing semantic data contributing to the Linked Open Data web movement. 

We can aid you in all aspects of data management including: 

  • Data Analysis / Modelling
  • Data Mapping
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Transformation    
  • Database and Knowledge Base Design 
  • Database and Knowledge Base Implementation
  • Data Lifecycle Management